Title on the page needs to be taken off and a header used. The title is smaller and doesn’t fit in with layout.
– right side column – document – hide title

Headers – every page needs H1 (at top normally) and H2 (highlights purpose of page)
(Header 1 takes a bit of effort, make it header 2, notice 3 dots top right. Editor – code editor
Scroll down and where the first <h2> is change it to <h1> make sure you change the </h2> too. A box comes up, hit resolve. It’s a glitch)

This is header 1

This is header 2

This is header 3

This is header 4

Blocks to use:

When you have a photo and some text? choose Block (+) of Paragraph and block of image.
Adding image- click that block, right hand side, change image to medium or thumbnail. Large too big for everything except image at top of page, and why not use a gallery.
You can add the alt text here, or do it all in the media page.
Now click on image and the bar at top comes up, choose the left or right align button

random text for example – image is aligned left

This is where there will be issues. No enough text and the image will blend into the next block. Fix, use more text or move image up.

Lots of images?
Block to use? coblocks (it’s a the best group to start looking for blocks)
I’ve been using masonry on this site. It’s random, and easy